Pan-fried Chicken Breast

Photo by Championship Catering
Chicken Breast photo
Photo by Championship Catering



5 to 7 ounces Organic chicken breast

1 ½ tablespoons Olive Oil or other

1 ½ tablespoons Balsamic vinegar

2 teaspoons Apple cider vinegar

1 ½ teaspoons Liquid or coconut aminos

½ cup Water

A sprinkling Oregano

A touch Rosemary

A dash Turmeric

A dash Coarse ground black pepper

A pinch Salt

A sprinkling Chipotle chili powder




Cover the surface of a frying pan with the olive oil over medium heat.

Put the chicken in the pan and sear it on both sides. That way you trap the juices inside.

Bring the heat down to medium-low. Add the vinegars over the chicken. Add the water in the side of the pan to avoid it splashing back at you (water and oil do not like each other, especially when heated up). Cover the pan immediately and let cook for about five minutes.

Sprinkle the spices over both sides of the chicken breast then cover again. Increase the heat back to medium.

Cook until the thickest part of the breast is white by cutting it open and looking, or put a meat thermometer into the thickest part of the breast and look for it to reach 165˚ Fahrenheit. Remove from heat once done cooking.

Serve or store. Pan-fried chicken is one of the best ways to cook chicken breasts because the process keeps the meat really tender and juicy while absorbing all the flavors well.