Keep It in Your Purse

Photo by WordRidden

Good snacks to carry around with you throughout the day do not have to be difficult to make, and in fact, some do not have to be made at all. Something as simple as carrying fruit with you like apple slices, dried cranberries or a tangerine are great for keeping you going and satisfying those in-between hunger pains.

 A small container or sandwich bag of almonds, pistachios, or even a homemade mixture of all your favorite nuts and seeds to make a personalized trial mix are high up on the snacking list. Throw in some raisins or other dried fruit to dress it up! Just be careful what kinds of dried fruits you get, many that are available are heavily coated with sugar as a preservative and some even have artificial colors added to them.

 You can quarter a few carrots lengthwise to make carrot sticks, chop celery into three inch sections, or even take a raw, washed sweet potato and cut it up lengthwise into fry-like sticks. Then in a small separate container you can bring along your dip of choice. Just saying “peanut butter dipped sweet potato sticks” rolls off the tongue so nicely, it is worth trying.

 Go back through the recipes of previous chapters here to get some travel snack ideas that will already be prepared for you. Some suggestions to follow are bringing a small container of chia seed pudding, kale chips, no bake granola bars, or palacsinta wraps with you. Create a few small wraps of romaine lettuce leaves, tomato and red and/or green bell pepper slices with some cheese slices inside as well to bring along with you. You may even like to bring a small container of vinaigrette to dip them in.