Photo by HerryLawford

Welcome to the fast and easy track of meal preparation with tips and tricks to a successful low carb diet. There are a handful of difficult tasks involved when assimilating any new diet into a person’s lifestyle that we will address. One factor that few people realize but many are controlled by in the fast-paced lifestyle of the modern day is just how much time it takes to prepare a quality homemade meal. Otherwise, why would we have this dependency on the convenience of fast foods to grab and go on our hurried way to the next errand, appointment, meeting, or scheduled work time?

 Aside from the instant tasty gratification of readily available greasy, starchy, salty and high-caloric foods, the fast food market makes meals seemingly affordable in comparison to restaurant prices where we think we are making out on some kind of deal. While in the short term it makes sense, guaranteed that if tracked and budgeted, constant fast food eating eats away at your bank account just as it does at your health. It becomes a kind of underlying vicious cycle; that catch 22 of wanting to do right for yourself and save a little money but still getting caught in the whirlwind of punctual demands that prevent you from making the time to do so.

 Let it be known that despite the pressure from the working world to commit yourself and your valuable time for a comfortable state of sustainable living, your health is by far more precious. Here we face another catch 22 of working to live well, yet the demands of jobs lead us to compromise our health by getting less sleep than needed and making poor diet choices to try to save time. Where is the out? How can we turn this crazy carousel back around to our favor? Beyond the luscious temptations of foods beckoning us to indulge despite our best intentions, it seems as though we must be super organized along with being strong willed in order to stay on track.

 Living alone while transitioning your diet is one thing, and living with others who do not have the same aspirations as you to change to a healthy diet with their munchable goodies in the pantry and fridge is another. Fret not, noble reader, sticking to the transition is not as arduous as it may seem. It is just a different lifestyle and just a change that you can willfully adapt to.

 It is all in the preparation! Once you possess the wherewithal to be ready for any situation, you graciously eliminate the possibility of making excuses, slip-ups, and rushed decisions that compromise your intentions of healthy eating and feeling great in the body and mind. The following material is going to help you get prepared so no matter what your work schedule looks like, around every pass by the pantry corner or lunch break you will find yourself smiling and sighing with ease. There will be an edible option waiting just for you that outshines the greasy convenience sitting nearby.